About Equilibrium Preventative Health

Health starts on the inside, illness and diseases bubble away for years from chronic inflammation and then surface on the outside, a lot of the time it’s too late.

It all started 20 years ago for me in the British Army, a skinny underfed, and unassuming 21-year-old soldier.

My health journey truly began there and my obsession, frustrations and passions of the health industry.

Learning from the normal channels of modern education is slow and unfortunately its always years to decades behind, I’ve always sought more answers and they normally come from research science.

Today that is no different, with more tools and knowledge from experts and companies like Vitas and Zinzino, local experts in health, medical, nutrition, varying therapies and always looking to use a holistic approach.

One review for Equilibrium Preventative Health

  • Ben is amazing at what he does. His knowledge and offering has really changed my life. Before working with Ben, I used to suffer from really bad skin flare ups however in a matter of weeks with the implementation of supplements, and a change in diet and eating patterns, my skin completely cleared up.
    Ben explains difficult concepts in an amazing simplified way and has really helped me to understand how my body works and the steps I need to take to allow it to function at its optimum.
    Ben’s service is also amazing, he’s always at the end of the phone to answer any questions. He is always up for the challenge of finding new ways to merge lifestyle changes with clients current lifestyle and each piece of advice he gives is tailored to individual situations and clients.
    Would recommend Ben to EVERYONE as I know we could all benefit from his services.